Welcome to Campus School of Smith College. Since our founding in 1926, Campus School has provided students with a challenging, relevant, and meaningful academic program within a nurturing and vibrant learning community. We are the only school in the region that connects the learning resources of a world class college to an elementary school program, and this gives our school its unique purpose and power. 

In our school children are active learners, deep thinkers, and empathetic people. They are confident taking the intellectual risks that lead to deeper understandings and then applying what they know to life itself. Students come to understand themselves as learners, engage deeply with peers and adults, and experience themselves as an integral member of their classroom and the
larger school community.

Our program and community are enhanced by our work as a laboratory school for the Department of Education and Child Study at Smith College. Being a lab school means that we explore and then employ best practices as well as mentor the next generation of teachers. Our teachers’ engagement with and thoughtful incorporation of new information and ideas encourages the evolution of ever more effective curriculum and instruction. It is a stimulating environment and one perfect for children.

The best way to experience our school is in person. We welcome all interested parents to schedule a tour with the admission office. When you visit you will see students and teachers engaged in joyful, meaningful, and purposeful learning.


Lulu Kellogg
Interim Head of School