July 1, 2020

Dear Campus School Families, 

Today is my first day as your Interim Head of School. It is an honor for me to serve in this capacity, especially because the Campus School is a place I have loved since I was a Smith student. I feel much like I did when I arrived last year. How lucky I am to be back in such a vibrant learning community, with a faculty dedicated to teaching your children as well as guiding the next generation of teachers. 

What we have discovered this year is that our campus is more than just one place. It is anywhere—a classroom or a studio, a field trip site or the living room sofa—that our students can truly delight in discovery and build their critical and creative capacities. And at Campus School, being in community goes deeper than simply being in the same place at the same time. Our relationships are real and resilient, and we share a love of learning together that stands all tests of time and distance.

I know that you, like me, are eager to know how we will return in the fall. We are currently weighing the guidance given by the State Department of Education, national and state health recommendations, Smith College regulations, and the unique aspects of being a lab school. We hope to have our scenarios available to you soon, in survey form, so that we can get your feedback. We are partners in the process of planning for the fall.

Each day brings new possibilities and new questions. I will be updating you frequently on what we are considering and on the feedback we are receiving.

I hope your children are well into summer mode. I look forward to hearing about their adventures, and yours.