A multistory building set into a hillside with children leaving the building and a large tree in bloom in the foreground.

A Campus Overview

Campus School of Smith College is nestled on the edge of the college, which gives us our own intimate setting while having the learning and cultural resources of the college minutes from our door. In fact, the entire college is our classroom, and students at Campus School sing and play music in the college’s performing arts spaces; view art in the college’s art museum; study plants and botanic sciences in the college’s botanic gardens, and use the entire campus for study and exploration.

Campus School itself is housed in a charming, intimate, and inviting space. Gill Hall resembles a farmhouse, with a slate roof, lots of windows, and small scale. Our “new” wing (from 1996) is more modern, with high ceilings, natural light, and bright colors. Students can get from one end of our building to another in just a few minutes. We have a computer lab with new apple desktops, robotics supplies, cameras, and other tech tools; two breakout spaces; a cozy and well stocked library on our top floor; a learning resources space; a large art room with pottery kiln; and a music room and full sized gymnasium.

Adjacent to the school is a playing field and playground. Here students enjoy recess, play basketball and kickball, climb on play structures, and engage in creative play on an outdoor stage. Across the street from our school is another playing field, which serves as a space for physical education activities. Students also use Smith College athletic facilities when appropriate.

Student orchestra performs on stage facing the conductor in a bright blue blouse, while an audience in the foreground looks on.