Dear Campus School Families and Friends,

 Great things are happening at the Campus School!  

 For example, over the summer a thoughtful renovation of Gill Hall and a rethink of our backyard play space took place, delighting students and parents alike when school started in September. 

 These improvements to our school are tangible evidence of our close collaboration with Smith College. Of course, it is our connection to Smith that makes us a truly unparalleled educational experience. The changes to our playground were facilitated by Smith landscape architecture students thinking creatively about how to improve our outdoor play space. Our students got to collaborate in the design process and then see the results of their work brought to life. This is but one example of how exploration sparks enthusiasm.

 In order to bring these types of learning experiences to life, we need to be in sound financial shape. Though the Campus School receives significant administrative support from Smith College, including assistance with human resources, facilities, utilities, and technology, we cover all other costs in our budget such as staff and faculty salaries, professional development, financial aid, supplies, and student materials. As is true of most independent schools, we need to raise additional funds to deliver the  Campus School education we know and love as tuition covers only 91% of the cost of the Campus School experience. Our annual Campus School Fund helps us bridge this gap. 

Gifts to the Campus School Fund benefit every classroom, every student, and every teacher. Your gift  helps provide all the things that make a Campus School education exceptional. And unlike tuition payments, gifts to the Campus School are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

 When you make a gift of any size to the Campus School, you enrich our community and help us say YES! to exciting teaching and learning opportunities for our students and teachers, including:   

  • Curriculum responsive to the needs of each child
  • Excellent arts and music programming
  • Updated technology equipment and programming
  • Master teachers engaged in ongoing professional development
  • Financial aid to ensure equity and access to our school

Your Campus School Fund gift also ripples out into the larger educational community.  Because a lab school serves as a practicum site for the next generation of teachers, the Campus School’s influence extends far beyond our own classrooms. As new teachers disperse to schools across the country, they carry with them the high standards and innovative approaches of the Campus School, to the benefit of all their subsequent students. More than 80% of teachers trained by Campus School faculty take positions in public schools upon graduation—the Campus School truly does support a public purpose.

And designating your Campus School Fund gift allows you to direct your donation to an area of personal interest while supporting the mission of the school. Make an impact in the area that matters to you most: 

  • Need-based financial aid
  • Faculty professional development
  • Unrestricted gifts that support teaching and learning every day

Every gift makes a difference and we appreciate gifts of every size. Participation matters, for when the Campus School applies for grant and foundation support, the application always asks for the percentage of parents who donate to Campus School. A high overall participation rate communicates an engaged and supportive community and makes us much more likely to receive grants and foundation support.  

You can give online here or by calling 800-241-2056 (option 1).  Please contact our Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Chris Andrews with any questions at, 413-585-6510 (office), or 412-443-2491 (cell).   

Thank you in advance for your support of the Campus School!

Students perched on a playground structure