Two children are working together at a table as a teacher looks on.

Application Process

The following steps are important parts of the admission process; they give both the school and parents valuable insights into the match between child and school and allow us to compare all applicants with the same criteria.

1. Application and Fee
Interested parents should submit a completed online application form via BigSIS, along with the $40 application fee. 

2. Parent Meeting and Tour
Please call the Office of Admission at 413-585-3270 to schedule a tour of the school, classroom observation time, and required meeting with the Director of Admission. During your visit you will learn about Campus School and will have an opportunity to share information about your child. 

3. School Records
We require that your child’s current school send copies of all pertinent records including any standardized test results or other evaluations. Please have your child’s current teacher complete the confidential online applicant evaluation form through BigSIS.

4. Student Visit

The Office of Admission will contact parents of kindergarten applicants to schedule a kindergarten visit. Kindergarten visits are usually scheduled on a Wednesday afternoon in late February and early March. The children will spend time with our kindergarten teachers in planned activities in the classroom.  

Grades 1-6
The Office of Admission will contact parents of applicants to grades 1 through 6 to schedule a visit for their child. Applicants will spend a morning in a classroom of their peers and will meet with the classroom teacher to complete a short reading, writing and math activity. 

Admission Deadlines
Applicants are considered on a rolling basis, there are no formal deadlines. However, we suggest applications be submitted as early as possible since there are a limited number of spaces. First round decisions for grades 1-6 will be made after January 1.

First round kindergarten decisions are issued by March 15 following the kindergarten visit dates.

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Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Campus School of Smith College is committed to maintaining a diverse community in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation of differences.

The Campus School of Smith College does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies on the bases of race, color, creed, religion, national/ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, age, disability, or service in the military or other uniformed services.

The Campus School of Smith College’s admission policies and practices are guided by the same principle.