A group of students working around a table

Our Learning Goals

Learning goals express the most important educational objectives of our school. Collectively they unify and focus our K-6 curriculum while also providing a portrait of what our graduates will acquire from their Campus School experience. These are broad and overarching outcomes; specific knowledge, skills, and understandings are articulated in grade level and subject goals.


Students contribute and add value to shared learning experiences.


Students effectively convey their ideas and understandings in multiple formats.

Creative expression

Students gain facility with the creative process and confidence in self-expression.

Creative thinking

Students generate original and imaginative ideas that have purpose and value.

Critical thinking

Students use inquiry, analysis, and evaluation to come to insightful understandings.


Students actively engage in exploration and discovery.


Students gain insight into the experiences and perspectives of others, leading to actions that are informed and compassionate.


Students take responsibility for and are increasingly self-directed in their own learning.


Students reflect on and improve their understanding of their own thinking and how they learn.

Open mindedness

Students welcome and productively contribute to the exchange of ideas, opinions, and perspectives.


Students develop the flexibility, courage, and resourcefulness necessary to face challenges, solve problems, and cultivate their abilities.    


Students increasingly understand how their thoughts and feelings influence their actions.


Students apply information, understandings, and skills to new learning and experiences.