December 4, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

Our 6th graders recently participated in Monte's March, which raises money
for the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and awareness about food
insecurity in our region. Our students created and wore signs that asked for

This is an example of community action - citizens engaged in bringing about
change in our society. When these citizens are 11 and 12 years old the actions
are especially powerful; children can speak truth to power.

Community action like this is also, of course, a powerful educational experience for children, a wonderful example of applied knowledge and actualized learning. They also learn some hard truths about the world and society - and then figure out how to best respond to these truths. This is an empowering experience, and I have known a number of adult activists who can trace their involvement in various causes to their early schooling.

And community action also represents a core value of the Campus School. We
help students understand their role in a civil society and how to be informed
and engaged citizens.

So kudos to our 6th graders for supporting the march, making a difference, and
learning important lessons and to Ms. Hermans and Mr. Golossi for facilitating
this experience.