November 18, 2019

Dear Campus School Families,

I was in one of our classrooms the other day and saw what I consider to be a hallmark of the way we approach teaching and learning: students were working purposefully and independently, with occasional but limited guidance from the teacher. The teacher had clearly done significant preparation for this moment, but once it was in motion students were pursuing learning at their own pace and empowered by their independence and agency.

This teaching role – as facilitator and spark – gives students the opportunity to create their own knowledge. The students in this class looked inquisitive, confident, open-minded, and focused as they went about their work. There was a quiet and purposeful hum to the classroom – every student was engaged and all showed evidence of understanding.

Teaching of this sort takes great skill, planning, and confidence. The teacher must be ready to respond to unscripted avenues of exploration and inquiry. Being present to and flexible with students affords the best chance of student learning.

The teacher as facilitator is but one dimension of teaching – many others exist and are present at the Campus School - but perhaps this type of teaching is the most central to our philosophy of engaged, meaningful, active, and relevant student learning.