February 26, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

We have entered a deeply reflective period at the Campus School. It began with the strategic planning process and has continued in the work we did to revise the school’s mission. We are now sending four of our teachers to visit other lab schools and report back on their findings. We are particularly interested in how these schools realize their lab schools missions, structure their curricula, and meet the needs of their students. The broadened perspective we will gain from these visits will help us as we deliberate how to best live our own unique mission and educational philosophy, and while we are certainly not looking to replicate another school’s approach, it is important to look outward as we look inward.

The schools we will be visiting in the coming weeks are the School at Columbia University, the Falk School (University of Pittsburgh), and the lab schools of the University of Toronto, UCLA, and Mills College. Each school has its unique history, ethos, and educational approach and we anticipate instructive and valuable insights from these visits.

Next year we will join the National Association of Independent Schools and the Association of Independent Schools in New England, two important professional organizations that will further bolster our connections to the larger educational communities and provide more opportunities for reflection and insight as we seek to provide the best possible experience for our students.