November 13, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

I have been paying attention to how our students treat one another. What I see,
over and over, are small - but meaningful - acts of kindness. A student holding
a door for another. A 6th grader volunteering to help a friend with dismissal
duty. A student asking a friend "and how are you doing?"

These acts of kindness are not random - they are the product of a school
culture that emphasizes civility. And civility is a foundation virtue: it acts as an
antidote to the often uncivil world beyond our school and it promotes better teaching and learning.

Civility helps create an environment where ideas, perspectives, and feelings can
be shared and debated freely and respectfully, which is critical to real learning
and growth. I can't imagine a great school that is not steeped in civility.

These small acts of kindness that take place within our school are threads that
weave the fabric of civility and community together. Small acts become habits,
which often generate greater outcomes, which is one reason why every act of
kindness, no matter how small, matters.