April 2, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

One of most recent storms produced snow that was perfect for packing, and
during recess students created a number of things - snowpersons, giant
snowballs, and fort-like structures. These were scattered throughout the play
area. However, as recess unfolded students soon improvised a change in
direction. What had been individual structures soon became something larger -
it looked like a circular fort, and many students collaborated to bring it to

I thought this was an interesting development. It highlighted a couple of
important things about our students. The first is that they are creative. They
like to imagine, design, and build. The second is that they are very comfortable
collaborating and sharing. They see the value of collective efforts, of
cooperating for a greater good.

Creativity and collaboration are good skills and aptitudes to develop, and these
are certainly qualities we emphasize at the Campus School. A large group of
students chose, on their own and during their free play time, to demonstrate
these skills, and it was an interesting and rewarding thing to see unfold.