May 28, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

As we get closer to the end of the school year, I would like to take a moment
and offer some observations. First, on a personal note, it has been a delight to
become part of the Campus School community. This is a truly unique school,
one with 91 years of history behind it and genuine promise and potential just
waiting to be claimed. I look forward to continuing to engage the entire school
community in this work next year.

Second, it has been wonderful to see the growth - in all aspects - of your
children this year. Think about who they were in September and who they are
now. In some vital respects they are different people now, and I am sure you
recognize - and I hope you are happy with - the positive changes that have
come from their educational journeys.

Third, our faculty - I sometimes try to conceptualize the amount of energy that
teachers put into their work. Not just the hours - but the actual intellectual,
emotional, creative, and physical energy that it takes over the course of a year
to tend to and teach a group of children. It is an enormous commitment, freely
and passionately given by teachers who know their work matters and that
children are inherently worthy of this energy.

Fourth, the Campus School staff. From our staff at the front desk who help
make the school run smoothly and respond to myriad questions to the
custodians who work hard to make our school shine, the critical work of our
faculty is supported by a group of dedicated staff who are essential to the work
we do here.

Finally, you - the parents of our students - thank you for your commitment,
trust, engagement, perspective, and enthusiasm. We are grateful for all that
you do to support our school and your partnership as we seek to provide your
children with the best education possible.

So as we close one school year and plan for the next, as we look forward to the restorative powers of summer and then anticipate another fresh start in
September, we remain committed to the ethos of the Campus School, a place
where, as our mission states, children are "known, valued, challenged, and