April 29, 2019

Dear Campus School Families,

Grandparents and Special Elders’ day is one of my favorite events of the school year. And really, what’s not to like? Grandparents are a naturally appreciative audience, taking genuine delight in the lives of their grandchildren and the things they are learning and doing in school. It is such a pleasure to see the looks of love and life on the faces of our grandparents and special elders as they participate in the school day. I always think they are both enjoying the moment and reflecting back on their own elementary school years; they seem especially energized by the confluence of past and present.

And our students love having their grandparents and special elders as guests. Our students take pride in their school, teachers, classmates, and their own work and learning, and sharing the school experience with grandparents and special elders is a source of real joy and satisfaction.

The day also stresses the importance of connecting across generations, of extending the circle of love and support that students have in their lives. Grandparents and other elders are natural allies for children and can often provide perspective and wisdom that parents simply cannot. And they can certainly extend the unconditional love that parents do provide for their children and this in and of itself is powerful.

We hope that many happy memories were formed and shared at today’s Grandparents and Special Elders’ Day, and we are already looking forward to next year’s visiting day and, of course, to welcoming grandparents and other special elders to school events throughout the year.