April 9, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

When I am in the front of school greeting students in the morning, I am
afforded a window into what our students think of our school. While some
students are clearly not morning people and others are a bit shy, most students
present themselves, bright and early in the morning, in a singular way: they
are happy.

This happiness is manifested in a few ways. Some students run into the
building, eager to start their school day. Others literally skip into school, a
particularly delightful way to begin the day. Some stop and tell me they are
excited because today they have art/music/reading/a trip - or any number of
subjects or activities. I see students happily greet their friends who, by some
quirk in the space/time continuum, arrive to school at exactly the same time -
this is an occasion of special joy. I also get a number of very perky "good
mornings," and there are, of course, smiles - lots of smiles.

All this heralds something very important - you can learn a lot about a school
by simply watching the faces and actions of students as they arrive. What I see,
day in and day out, is happiness expressed simply and authentically. Seeing our
students start their days with joy is a good way for me to start my day, too.