May 6, 2019

Dear Campus School Families,

We are in the last and perhaps most exciting phase of the school year – the final month of school. It has been a long journey, with myriad and multifaceted student learning and development along the way; there is, accordingly, much to celebrate.

Every year of the K-6 journey brings significant change and growth -  in fact, I do not believe there is another segment of the human lifespan that manifests as much development as that from kindergarten to sixth grade. We become most conscious of these changes during rituals that celebrate formal transitions, like our sixth grade graduation. In these moments we celebrate the young people who are ready to move on to new challenges and are moved by just how far they have come. And this is the same pattern in every grade and for all students as they transition from one year to another. Parents and teachers cheer these achievements and milestones of growth and development, and students can be proud of all they have accomplished.  

So as we begin to look forward to next year we remember all that has taken place this year. The children who started school in September are now, in real ways, different people, the effects of their educational journeys manifesting as more maturity and self-confidence and new capacities and understandings.  It is my hope that all members of our community are deeply satisfied with how far our students have come this year – it has been a joyful thing to witness and there is still much to look forward to in these last few weeks of school.