February 12, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

Great teachers are always thinking about how to help their students grow and
develop. The fruits of this thinking often come in an "aha" moment, when a
teacher comes to a particular understanding of a student and has new insight
into how to encourage this student's growth.

I remember a teacher of mine who figured out how to break through to my shy
and retiring ways in the classroom - I rarely volunteered answers, content,
instead, to sit back and observe. This teacher understood which button to push
and told me, one day, that I had an obligation to share my ideas with my
classmates. I felt guilty holding back and realized that it was selfish to do so. I
subsequently changed my ways, perhaps to the benefit of the class but more to
my benefit - this teacher knew I had to press against my uncomfortable edges
in order to grow.

Great teaching is a complex undertaking - and excellent teachers have a deep
understanding of and insight into their students. It is more art than science,
acquired from experience and informed by wisdom, creativity, and psychology.