March 7, 2019

Dear Parents,

I am very happy to announce that Louise “Lulu” Kellogg will be our new Assistant Head of School effective July 1st. Throughout the search process Lulu impressed us in many ways: she has a deep commitment to elementary education, is dedicated to excellence in education, is strongly supportive of diversity and inclusion, and has a keen interest in the promises of a lab school.  We are confident she will be a wonderful match for our school mission, culture, and strategic priorities.

Lulu has served as the lower and middle school head at Renbrook School, a PK- 8 coed school in West Hartford Connecticut, and she is currently the head of the middle school (grades 5 and 6) at The Fessenden School, a PK-9 boys’ school in West Newton Massachusetts. Her prior experience as a curriculum coordinator and elementary and middle school teacher at Renbrook extends her expertise; Lulu will bring deep, sustained, and proven experience in teaching, learning, and leadership to the Campus School.

Lulu’s references were uniformly glowing and described her as a kind, smart, mature, wise, hardworking, and generous professional as well as a great listener, an empathetic person, and someone who develops strong relationships with students, teachers, and parents. It was also noted that she loves her work and gives herself selflessly to it.  And we all appreciated her great sense of humor.

She has engaged in extensive professional development including training in SEED, which promotes greater equity and diversity in schools, and she has participated in the Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education, the Future of Learning conference at Harvard University, and the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color conference. She has also been a math consultant for McGraw Hill publishers and a member of the board of trustees at Renbrook School.

And this is a homecoming for Lulu. She received both her BA in religion and M Ed in elementary education from Smith College. She has another master’s degree in religion from Lancaster Theological Seminary and a JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

We will create a formal transition plan for Lulu, ensuring she has the time and support needed to start her job on July 1 in excellent standing. We will also have a reception for her later this spring; more information will follow in the weekly newsletter. We are very fortunate to have someone of Lulu’s stature as our new assistant head of school. She was not looking for a new job but was alerted to the position at the Campus School by her daughter, who told her “she had to apply for it.” The opportunity to apply a lifetime of experience and wisdom to the continued growth and development of our school is one that Lulu is most looking forward to, and I am confident she will add immeasurable value to our school and community.