March 5, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

An observation - students in kindergarten today will turn 22 in 2034. What
kind of world will these students inherit? What will have changed in
technology, medicine, the job market? What changes in social structures will
they live with? How much will their world resemble ours today? It is, of course,
difficult to answer these questions - which makes the job of educators
especially challenging, for one of our fundamental goals is to help prepare
students for the world they will live in. (And I mean prepare in the broadest

The skills, knowledge, and aptitudes associated with the liberal arts have
particular power in our rapidly changing world. Students with this type of
education know something about human nature and themselves, can think
clearly and communicate effectively, are adaptable and flexible, and know how
to complement analysis with synthesis.

What does this have to do with a K-6 school and the lifespan of kindergarten
students? The Campus School is unique in that we incorporate some of the
DNA of Smith College, a world class liberal arts college, into our educational
approach. Students at the Campus School are exposed to a broad range of
subjects and skills and receive a "liberal arts-like" education. Many of our
teachers have a liberal arts background as do, of course, the Smith College
student teachers. This means we are a very good place for children relative to
who they are right now - and for who they will be in 2034 and beyond.