May 28, 2019

Dear Campus School Families,

How has your child grown this year?

Physical growth is, of course, a given – some of our students look quite different than they did in September. Intellectual growth is key - how does your child manifest these more advanced cognitive traits? Are your conversations with your child a bit more sophisticated? Are they able to explain certain facts and concepts that were completely unknown at this time last year? And what about social and emotional growth? Is your child showing more maturity, perhaps more compassion for and interest in others? Is your child a more accomplished musician or artist? A more able athlete? Can your child speak more Spanish, read and write more fluently and solve more abstract math problems? What about your child’s knowledge of historical events or scientific methods – can you see growth here, too?

We hope you can answer in the affirmative for all the above questions. The development of a child from K to 6 is incredibly impressive, and every year brings important advances in the full spectrum of a child’s being. Our teachers have devoted countless hours to your child’s development and have worked collaboratively with you to know, appreciate, and nurture your child’s unique talents. We truly appreciate this partnership and know it is the best way to serve our students and foster their growth and development.

The end of the school year offers us a chance to reflect on and appreciate how our students have grown this year. They have indeed – in myriad and delightful ways. We celebrate these achievements and look forward to next year with anticipation and a joyful spirit.