September 18, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

*Getting back to the routines of a new school year takes a lot of energy. I expect
your children will be good and tired this weekend. This is perfectly normal and
an indication, in fact, of a good start to the school year. In my visits to
classrooms this week I saw students fully - and happily - engaged, expending
the necessary energy to make the transition to the new school year. Some
unstructured down time this weekend would be a good thing to help students
rest and recharge.

*We are marking and celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Campus School
this year. Initially we had set October 22nd as the date for a school wide
celebration, but we have decided to change the date to the spring; this gives us
more time to plan and expand the event itself. Stay tuned for the
announcement of the new date and further details about the 90th anniversary

*An anecdote to share: I was talking with one of our students and asked how
things were going with the start of the new school year. He hesitated, smiled,
and said, "Excellent. The Campus School always exceeds my expectations." One of many priceless moments I witnessed during the first full week of school.

*Finally, the faculty and I are working on ways for dismissal to be safer and
more efficient. We expect to make some modifications to the dismissal process
within a couple of weeks and will, of course, fully communicate those to you
before we implement them.
Have a great weekend!