April 30, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

As you know, we are in the process of working with a marketing and communications firm, Crane, to better articulate the unique value of a Campus School education. Our work with Crane began with a marketing study - we wanted a fresh and experienced examination of how we present ourselves to prospective parents and more information about the nature of our regional school marketplace.

We received some very good news. Regional demographics are positive. While other areas in the country face declining numbers of school-aged children, our region is expected to hold steady. We also have a healthy number of parents within a 15 mile radius of the Campus School who have school aged children and incomes that make private school affordable. (This is in addition to our unwavering commitment to being an economically diverse school and having a strong financial aid program.)  Our region is also one that strongly values education and offers a variety of models for parents to choose from, including public, charter, and independent schools. This is a challenge but also an opportunity, and by clearly stating our advantages and values, we can find a pool of well-aligned families. We also have potential to strengthen internal conduits to the Campus School, both from the Center for Early Childhood Education and Smith College, and to market more effectively to the Five College Consortium.

Crane’s marketing study gave us the clarity we need to move forward with confidence, but what are our marketing challenges – and how do we best face them? I will write more about this next week.