May 14, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

Over the past two weeks I have written about our work with Crane marketing. I
would like to now focus on how this work will manifest itself in the coming

First, we will slightly tweak the name of our school - it's simply a reordering of
words but it will suggest the richer relationship that we have with Smith
College. Instead of being the Smith College Campus School we will be Campus
School of Smith College. Next we will, as I mentioned, launch our revised web
site this summer. As you know, a clear and compelling web site is critical for
marketing and communicating the essence of our school. Our new site will not
be flashy (that's not our style) but we do believe it will be effective and
differentiate our school. We will also produce new marketing materials -
brochures, digital ads, posters - that will present new language and visuals that
both speak to who we really are and get the attention of prospective parents. All
of this will also launch in late summer.

In all of the surveys and conversations that were conducted as part of our
strategic planning last spring and summer, virtually every constituent -
parents, faculty, college staff - spoke to the fact that we need to do a better job
marketing our school. And we soon will. Our marketing approach and strategy
will be rooted in an authentic representation of who we are. It will reflect the
rich history of our ninety one year old school. It will speak to the unique and
powerful characteristics of our programs and curriculum. And it will allow us
to continue to tell our story as we become an even better school and have more
to communicate. We hope you are as excited about these developments as we
are - and we look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.