May 21, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

The spring instrumental concert was a joy to watch and listen to. Not only are
large numbers (90) of students participating, but they have become very
accomplished musicians, both individually and collectively. This is a perfect
example of an inclusive process leading to a worthwhile outcome, a balance
that is hard to strike in elementary school music programs.

Our instrumental music program is one of the signature strengths of our
school. To give students the opportunity to learn an instrument and then play
in an ensemble is valuable and enriching and will, I am sure, be one of those
hallmark memories that children take with them once they graduate from the
Campus School.

Of course, our instrumental music teachers are key to the success of the
program. Their musical expertise is obvious but the particular alchemy they
create to bring an ensemble or orchestra to fruition is very impressive - and the
product of much hard work and planning.

It's wonderful that we are a school with such well populated instrumental and
choral groups. Our students (and their parents) clearly value music and its vital
place in an elementary school program - the teachers and staff do as well, and
we look forward to continued musical journeys next year.