March 26, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

I would like to follow up on the recent letter from Katherine Rowe. First, of
course, I am very happy to be staying as the leader of the Campus School. I
have been so impressed with this school - its history, values, and heart are
wonderful things to behold and experience. But it is the promise of the Campus
School - the opportunity we have to build on all the good things that are
already in motion and create a school experience that is truly unique and
powerful - that gets me excited.

This is a singular moment in the Campus School's history. The college is
committed to our future; we have a strategic plan (which we will send to you
very soon) that charts a credible and impactful future; we will soon launch a
new marketing campaign that will present our school in authentic and
compelling ways; we are about to add a very important position in curricular
leadership; and, most importantly, we are a community of people who share a
commitment to the absolute importance of elementary education.

These are some of the ingredients that will propel our work forward, and while
we have challenges ahead, I promise that we will face them with intelligence,
passion, and an unyielding commitment to doing our best work.

Finally, my thanks for all the warm wishes upon the news of my appointment -
I even got many delightful "congratulations" from students, which made my