January 2020

January 27, 2020

Dear Campus School Families,

We are very happy to announce that our first all-school visiting artist will be Josh Winer, a well known mosaic artist.  Josh will be visiting the Campus School from April 27 – May 8, and he will work with students in their art classes and in collaboration… Read More

January 21, 2020

Dear Campus School Families,

I hope you and your children were able to find time over the holiday vacation to simply be and not do. By this I mean not feeling pressured to do something or go somewhere but to luxuriate in the moments at hand. In our frenetic world these moments appear… Read More

January 13, 2020

Dear Campus School Families,

There is a certain point in the late afternoon, with snow on the ground and dusk approaching, when the light can take on a dark blue hue. It is a beautiful color and looks very much like this:Read More