November 20, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday let’s think about the word thanks. In fact, the origin of “thank” is related to the word “think.” I find this to be a meaningful connection, for in order to be thankful we need to think; this reflective state generates a state of gratitude.

In this sense Thanksgiving is an invitation to be mindful of the things we are grateful for. And it can be very healthy for children to take some time during this holiday to connect think to thanks. Parents can encourage this contemplative act – and make it a regular practice if desired.

This is more than simple positive thinking. Being grateful springs from being aware - of how much we depend on other people, how contingent we are, how much of a gift life is. At least this is where my own thinking takes me. How about you?

And it is in this spirit that I wish you and your family a “thinkful” Thanksgiving.