February 2017

December 18, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

At this very moment when the days are short and the nights long, nature shifts;
the slow climb into longer days and more light begins. Every day brings
incremental growth that is hard to notice until one day you realize that it is not
getting dark at 4:20pm anymore - it's 5:00pm and there is still light in the sky.
This slow pattern… Read More

December 11, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

Educators sometimes find themselves caught between false opposites. At my
former school in NYC, parents applying to our school often thought a school
could be either challenging or nurturing, that it was one or the other. We made
the argument that it is not an either/or proposition. A great school must
challenge its students but it… Read More

December 4, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

Our 6th graders recently participated in Monte's March, which raises money
for the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and awareness about food
insecurity in our region. Our students created and wore signs that asked for

This is an example of community action - citizens engaged in bringing about
change in our society.… Read More