January 2017

November 20, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday let’s think about the word thanks. In fact, the origin of “thank” is related to the word “think.” I find this to be a meaningful connection, for in order to be thankful we need to think; this reflective state generates a state of gratitude.

In this sense Thanksgiving is an… Read More

November 13, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

I have been paying attention to how our students treat one another. What I see,
over and over, are small - but meaningful - acts of kindness. A student holding
a door for another. A 6th grader volunteering to help a friend with dismissal
duty. A student asking a friend "and how are you doing?"

These acts of kindness are not random… Read More

November 6, 2017

Dear Campus School Families,

Expectations are, in a way, destiny. We often get what we expect, and this is
especially true for children. For example, if we expect a child to be fragile, we
typically get fragility; expect resilience and we usually get it. When I was in
elementary school I had a teacher who told me that I was an average math
student. Sure enough,… Read More