April 2018

April 30, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

As you know, we are in the process of working with a marketing and communications firm, Crane, to better articulate the unique value of a Campus School education. Our work with Crane began with a marketing study - we wanted a fresh and experienced examination of how we present ourselves to prospective parents and more information about… Read More

April 16, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

Be patient with me - I am going to try to connect my first concert with work we
are doing on technology at the Campus School. First, the concert: it was way
back in 1976, when I saw David Bowie. I was 15 years old and excited beyond
words. I became a Bowie fan because my older brother had good taste and
slipped me a couple of Bowie… Read More

April 9, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

When I am in the front of school greeting students in the morning, I am
afforded a window into what our students think of our school. While some
students are clearly not morning people and others are a bit shy, most students
present themselves, bright and early in the morning, in a singular way: they
are happy.

This happiness… Read More

April 2, 2018

Dear Campus School Families,

One of most recent storms produced snow that was perfect for packing, and
during recess students created a number of things - snowpersons, giant
snowballs, and fort-like structures. These were scattered throughout the play
area. However, as recess unfolded students soon improvised a change in
direction. What had been individual… Read More